Back in business!

For any of you who were wondering whether motherhood had finally finished me off I want to assure you that I am still here. In fact, the reason for my radio silence has been a change in my status. I am back in business – literally! I bit the bullet and went back to work. I’m no longer a full time stay at home mum.  Not quite full time, but 4 days/week which in my book may as well be full time!

Time has really not been something I have had a lot of lately. I used to write my blog when I was at the Harbour Club (to get out of exercising). Now that I’ve cancelled my membership and started work, my time for writing has vanished. The problem is my passion for writing has not. I still want to share my experiences and my plans, especially now that I’ve now got the means and the energy (more about that later) to do a whole lot more!

So I’m going to start writing again. Hopefully you’ll be happy about that. Please though, bear with me. My grammar may not be perfect, the quality of my writing not A grade, but I hope my content will make up for that. So apologies now in advance that I can’t devote more time to getting things just right – I just want to share 🙂

And so I’ll begin.. again

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